Set Sail for Adventure with Sahara Adventures: Your Choice for Full Day Boat Charters 


Are you ready for an unparalleled aquatic adventure in the enchanting Turks and Caicos Islands? Sahara Adventures invites you to experience the best full day boat charters in Turks that promise a day of memories you'll cherish forever. Discover why choosing us is your ticket to an extraordinary day on the crystal clear waters of this tropical paradise. 


Unforgettable Island Hopping 

Picture yourself exploring pristine islands, basking in the sun's warm embrace, and immersing in the turquoise waters. With Sahara Adventures, you're guaranteed an unforgettable island-hopping experience. Our deck boats are tailor-made for the young at heart, offering a day filled with beachcombing, island exploration, and rich reef snorkeling. It's time to let your inner adventurer shine. 


Cruise Grace Bay in Style 

Grace Bay Beach is often referred to as the best beach in the world, and we invite you to cruise its stunning shores in style. Sahara Adventures proudly presents "Ocean Eyes," our luxurious Searay Sundancer. This sleek beauty boasts a spacious, cushioned deck ideal for sunbathing or simply enjoying the mesmerizing sunset. The experience on "Ocean Eyes" is not just luxurious but also surprisingly affordable. 


Professional Crew for Peace of Mind 

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Sahara Adventures is proud to have a team of experienced and professional crew members who are dedicated to making your day on the water exceptional. From providing expert guidance for snorkeling to ensuring your comfort on deck, our crew is there to cater to your needs. Leave all worries behind and relax as we take care of every detail. 


Awe-Inspiring Scenic Views 

The Turks and Caicos Islands are known for their breathtaking natural beauty. With Sahara Adventures, you'll be treated to awe-inspiring scenic views that will leave you speechless. Immerse yourself in the striking landscapes, vibrant marine life, and the serene ambiance that this tropical haven has to offer. Your camera will be your best friend as you capture these priceless moments. 


Sahara Adventures - Your Best Choice 

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Sahara Adventures' Full Day Tour, a 7-hour odyssey through the enchanting waters of Turks and Caicos. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of exploration, as we unveil the hidden gems of famous landmarks, outer islands, inter-coastal waterways, and the legendary la famille shipwreck. Dive into the crystal-clear depths of Iguana Island and indulge in the mesmerizing world of snorkeling, with or without our state-of-the-art sea scooters. 



7 Hours of Pure Bliss 


This immersive expedition promises adventure seekers an unrivaled opportunity to discover more. With a plethora of islands to visit and expansive barrier reefs to explore, the possibilities are as boundless as the horizon itself. And that's not all - your full day charter includes a tantalizing selection of local cuisines grilled to perfection on a secluded island, creating the perfect picnic beach setting. Sip on our signature Rum Punch and revel in the abundance of refreshments from our fully-stocked cooler, all at your fingertips. 


More Info 

Here at Sahara Adventures, we believe in the freedom to tailor your adventure. Whether you crave action-packed island hopping, the serenity of snorkeling, the thrill of tubing, or the graceful dance of Subwing, the choice is yours. And if you have a unique vision in mind, we're all ears! 


What's Included 

1.       Snorkeling, tubing, and Subwing equipment, along with cutting-edge sea scooters 

2.       A seasoned Captain and attentive first mate to navigate your voyage 

3.       A Beach BBQ extravaganza featuring an array of authentic local delicacies 

4.       Unlimited Rum Punch, beer, soft drinks, and a fully stocked cooler 


Explore More with Sahara Adventures! 

Sahara Adventures is your gateway to full-day boat charters in Turks that redefine the meaning of adventure. Don't wait another moment to experience the Turks and Caicos Islands like never before. Set sail, explore, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your Full Day Tour now! 

Conch Diving in Caicos Islands
Conch Diving in Caicos Islands
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Sahara Adventures' Full Day Tour
Full Day Boat Charters in Turks
Full Day Boat Charters in Turks
Full Day Boat Charters in Turks
Sahara Adventures' Full Day Tour