1.       Are sea scooters included or is an additional cost?

All the activities we offer are inclusive within your charter package. This includes access to sea scooters without any additional costs. We aim to provide a comprehensive and all-inclusive experience for our patrons, ensuring that the use of sea scooters is part of the activities covered under the charter fee.


2.       Are snorkeling equipment and refreshments included? 

Certainly, snorkeling equipment and a range of refreshments, including the delightful choice of rum punch, are provided as part of our service. We aim to ensure a complete and hassle-free experience for our guests. All that's required from you is a smile, along with personal items such as a towel and sunscreen, to make the most of your adventure. 


3.       Does hurricane deck boat have shade?

The Hurricane deck boat offers comprehensive shading with fully shaded front and back seating. Additionally, the boat is equipped with a versatile Bimini shade that can be adjusted to cater to individual preferences. Passengers seeking sunlight can conveniently adjust the Bimini shade, while those desiring shaded areas for relaxation or protection from the sun can comfortably utilize the provided shaded seating in both front and back sections of the boat.


4.       Age limitation for charters?

We accommodate guests of all ages and abilities on our charters. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and inclusive experience, ensuring that individuals of varying ages and diverse capabilities can partake in and enjoy our charter services.


5.       Can we customized charters? 

Yes, We prioritize providing a tailored experience for our guests. Should you have specific activities you prefer or attractions you're keen to explore, we offer customizable charters. Simply share your preferences with us, and we will curate the charter to align with your interests, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience for you. 


6.         What safety measures are in place during the charter? 

Our charters adhere to stringent safety protocols. We provide life jackets, emergency kits, and trained staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. 

7.        Are there any age restrictions for specific water activities?

While most activities are suitable for all ages, certain water sports or activities may have specific age recommendations. We will provide guidance and suggestions to ensure safe participation based on age appropriateness.

8.     What amenities are included on the boat?

Our boats come equipped with standard amenities such as comfortable seating, a restroom, safety equipment, and occasionally, on-board refreshments. Details may vary depending on the charter package.

9.     Can you accommodate guests with special dietary needs for refreshments?

Absolutely, we can cater to specific dietary requirements. Please inform us in advance of any dietary restrictions, and we'll ensure suitable refreshments are available for your charter.


10.     Is fishing equipment provided on fishing charters? 

For our fishing charters, we provide basic fishing equipment. Anglers are welcome to bring their own gear, but if needed, we offer quality fishing equipment for your convenience. 


These FAQs aim to address various concerns and provide more comprehensive information to potential guests, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the charter services offered.